Why Should I Call an Electrocution Lawyer Now?

After a serious electrocution death or injury, utility companies send rapid response defense teams to the scene – often altering evidence to avoid responsibility for causing the accident

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Utility companies are big business. Because many large utility companies instantly employ many aggressive defense tactics following crash, electrocution attorneys must begin the investigation on your behalf immediately.

For instance, within minutes of a serious electrocution death or injury, utility companies have investigators at the site measuring, photographing and collecting evidence. This often happens before the family of the accident victim has even been notified that their loved one has been injured or killed.

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In addition, armies of attorneys are deployed to the scene to begin evaluating the utility company’s potential exposure to liability (fault). During this time, evidence may even be altered or even destroyed to favor the utility company.

An experienced electrocution lawyer with the resources and expertise to go toe to toe with deep-pocketed utility companies can protect you from such serious and negligent defense tactics. Here’s more information on what an electrocution lawyer must know to properly protect you.