What Happens When Utility Companies Don’t Maintain Power Line Structures?

Understanding the public hazards that arise when utility companies sacrifice safety for a bigger bottom line

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Electrocution accidents involving power lines that hurt or kill people are often not really accidents at all. Many times, they occur because the utility company failed to inspect and repair its power line structure.

Our goal as experienced electrocution attorneys is to discover each and every violation that led to your injury, and hold the utility company accountable for every unsafe choice it made. Our goal is also to change an industry that too often puts profits ahead of public safety, and we will do this by working our hardest to make sure you get the best possible result.

We’ve provided the information below to help you understand the serious public hazards that arise when utility companies don’t properly maintain power line structures.

How many people are affected by electrocution?

Recent statistics from electrocution accidents throughout the country, which mostly affect utility and construction workers.

Are electric utility companies putting safety first?

It’s common for electric companies to put profits ahead of safety measures that would prevent electrocution accidents. Read about the motivation and consequences here.

What happens as power infrastructure ages?

As transformers and utility poles age throughout the decades, serious electrocution hazards become more imminent.

Are the cables attached to the power line pole on the ground dangerous?

Yes, these “guy wires” can cause injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists, and in some cases, even electrocution.

Are downed power lines like the movies?

Unlike the movies portray, downed power lines give no clue that they carry lethal doses of electricity.

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What are causes of downed wires?

There are many natural causes that stress power line structures, leading to down lines and electrocution accidents. Read about each factor in more detail:

  1. Storm: Storms expose the vulnerabilities in decaying and deteriorated infrastructure of the power line and pole.
  2. Ice: Stress from ice storms and the weight of the ice on power lines can deteriorate and weaken the structures.
  3. Trees: Trees can impose on power lines, especially if utility companies do not adhere to their tree trim schedules.
  4. Pole decay: When utility companies don’t properly preserve wooden poles, they rot and bring the power lines down with them.

How are power systems put together?

Understanding the components of the electric power system, and the overhead construction of its distribution circuits.

Do electric companies replace their equipment in a timely manner?

Power companies are supposed to adhere to the “bathtub curve” analysis of equipment failure possibilities – but that doesn’t always happen.