Are Electric Utility Companies Putting Safety First?

It’s common for electric companies to put profits ahead of safety measures that would prevent electrocution accidents

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Electric companies often put their bottom lines ahead of safety. And it’s the public and utility workers who pay the price with serious injuries — and their lives.

Pressures on capital budgets —created by the motivation to maximize profits to shareholders of investor-owned companies and public resistance to rate hikes — often causes power companies to extend the usual life expectancy of their structures, sometimes beyond what is safe.

As attorney Jeffrey Feldman says in the video above, many power companies make the inhumane mistake of focusing on profits, instead of putting money into measures that would prevent electrocution injuries and deaths, like inspection, replacement and repair of aging and failing parts.

Our  attorneys make it our priority to uncover every act of negligence the power company committed that lead to the senseless injury or loss of your loved one’s precious life. Doing so holds electric companies accountable for failing to keep the public safe, and prevents future accidents by requiring them to reform their safety practices.