Are the Cables Attached to the Power Line Pole on the Ground Dangerous?

Yes these “guy wires” can cause injuries to pedestrians and bicyclists, and in some cases, even electrocution

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Many people wonder whether the cables that are attached to power line poles and anchored into the ground hold electricity. These are called “guy wires” and are there to support the power pole, especially against the elements like wind or storms.

Guy wires are not energized, meaning there’s no electricity pulsing through them.

However, on occasions when guy wires are not properly grounded, they can actually conduct electricity. There have been several lawsuits where this has occurred and people have been killed.

So please remember, even though guy wires are not supposed to be energized, you never know. Therefore, DO NOT touch the guy wires – or any power wires for that matter.

Guy wires also pose a serious injury risk for pedestrians, bicyclists, runners and even people using their cell phones while walking around the neighborhood, who can accidently run into them or trip over them.

That’s why it’s up to the power companies to place yellow protective sheets over the guy wires, so they can be easily seen by the public. As attorney Jeffrey Feldman says in the video above, the yellow protective sheets enable the public to see and avoid the guy wires.

Still, many power companies have guy wires without the yellow protective sheets, creating daily hazards for the unsuspecting public.