Downed Lines Caused by Pole Decay

When utility companies don’t properly preserve poles, they rot and bring the power lines down with them — leaving an immense hazard for electrocution accidents

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Because wooden power poles are exposed to the elements and used for long periods of time, they’re treated with preservatives. Utility companies are supposed to retreat the poles with in cycles to ensure the poles are not deteriorating or decaying.

Metal utility poles pose similar issues, as attorney Jeffrey Feldman references in the video above. Jeffrey discuses his wrongful death case of a young boy who was riding his bicycle down the street only to have a deteriorated metal light pole – that was supported by coats of paint rather than good maintenance — fall on top of him, killing him instantly.

When power companies don’t adhere to reasonable schedules for inspections or do not employ the available tools they have to maintain the poles, the poles rot. This makes them especially susceptible to falling down, often times in storms, and bringing the live power wires down with them.

In handling electrocution cases stemming from pole decay, our attorneys look to deficiencies in the maintenance of poles themselves and the pole top structures.