Can I Make a Workers’ Compensation Claim for My Electrocution Injuries?

Work comp may apply, but there are also other parties that may be responsible for your injuries and loss

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If an electrocution injury occurs while on the job, workers’ compensation may apply.

In a wrongful death claim under work comp, the family is compensated for actual expenses and the ongoing “cost” of losing the loved one’s companionship, emotional and financial support and parental guidance to minor children.

If the case is an injury, workers’ comp claims will pay for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, disability and pain and suffering if applicable.

And given the number of contractors who may be involved in the inspection, maintenance and repair of power lines, there’s potential in every situation for parties in addition to the direct employer to be held accountable under the workers’ compensation system.

This applies even in cases where the employee is barred from suing the employer under the work comp law. For instance, if an employee of a power company was badly injured in an electrocution accident, he may be able to sue the company that was supposed to inspect the poles, or the company that was supposed to properly maintain the tree branches in the vicinity of the power line.

Below attorney Jeffrey Feldman further explains a workers’ compensation claim for electrocution injuries:

Is there a legal remedy other than workers’ compensation?

Although workers’ compensation may apply in electrocution cases, it’s important to keep in mind that there can be other legal remedies. Also, lawyers who are unfamiliar with electrocution law commonly make the mistake of only pursing a workers’ compensation claim.

Our attorneys do not make that mistake. We evaluate all of the potential contractors and parties that have had responsibilities for power line installation over the years to determine who else could have been accountable. For example, the manufacturer, seller or distributor of the power line, or a contractor who was charged with inspecting or repairing either the pole or pole top facilities could be responsible parties:

Our attorneys are here to answer your questions, at no cost or obligation. We will take all of the time you need to help you understand your rights after an electrocution accident, and identify whether a workers’ compensation claim is appropriate for the circumstances of your case.