What Do I Need to Know About My Electrocution Case?

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When your loved one has been tragically killed or injured in an electrocution accident involving an electric utility company, figuring out what to do first can seem incredibly overwhelming. But to start, there are only two things you need to know that will ensure your protection in a lawsuit against a utility company:
  1. Consider hiring a competent and experienced electrocution lawyer as soon as possible: This is important, as the utility company is constructing its defense in anticipation of a lawsuit as soon as it hears about the tragedy.
  2. Make sure the lawyer can compile the best team of national experts available to investigate and prosecute the claims against the electric power company: This is important, as the utility company will have a powerful national defense team of its own. Plaintiff’s experts must be able to stand toe to toe with the defense experts in order to obtain a fair and just result.

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