What Does an Investigation Entail After an Electrocution?

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Investigating an electrocution case can pose some significant challenges for injury attorneys – if they’re not familiar with this extremely complicated and unique area of law, and if they don’t have the resources and expertise to go up against deep-pocketed power companies.

Here’s why: The electric utility companies – even in instances where they’ve caused the accident – are the first parties notified because they have to manage the power source that’s posing danger. So lawyers for electric companies and their legal investigators are dispatched promptly to the scene immediately after there’s been an electrocution death or serious injury. And what the defense lawyers find is often protected from being disclosed to the victim’s family, due to special privileges power companies receive, such as the attorney-client privilege or the work product privilege.

Because of this, the legal team for the electrocution victim’s family must have the skills and experience to uncover as much as they can about what was done and what was said when the accident scene was fresh and undisturbed.

Our electrocution lawyers understand these serious challenges and so we can overcome them during the investigation. We use every possible means to obtain the information that’s often times intentionally kept from us, as the defense lawyers try to hide behind the special privileges they’re afforded.

Here are the steps we take in each and every one of our investigations, to ensure the facts that lead to the death or injury of your loved one are uncovered, and the electric utility company and other parties are held 100% responsible:

  • Build a national team of witnesses, including those from engineering, scientific and medical disciplines.
  • Advance the high costs of litigation.

Below, attorney Jeffrey Feldman further explains this stage in the electrocution case: