How Much Does an Electrocution Lawyer Cost?

Our attorneys charge a contingency fee, which means you pay nothing unless — and until — we win

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Many injury victims or families of people who have been tragically killed in electrocution accidents worry they won’t be able to afford an electrocution lawyer – let alone the best in the country.

But you can afford to hire the strongest and most successful representation, because most accident attorneys won’t charge you a dime unless – and until – they win your case. This is called a “contingency fee” system and our attorneys charge using this system.

As attorney Jeffrey Feldman says in the video above, an experienced electrocution lawyer with the financial resources and expertise to go toe to toe with deep-pocketed utility companies is vital to your protection. And a contingency payment system enables this to happen, regardless of your economic situation and with no personal risk.

How the contingency fee system works

When an electrocution lawyer charges a contingency fee, the client doesn’t pay any money up front.

And if the lawyer does not win your lawsuit, you won’t have to pay attorney fees. In other words, paying for an experienced electrocution lawyer is contingent on recovery, such as pain and suffering damages and those for economic loss.