Eye Damage After Electric Shock: What You Need To Know

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Eye Damage After Electric Shock: What You Need To Know

Eye damage after electric shock can cause long-term or permanent impairment to your vision or even total vision loss. An experienced electrocution accident lawyer can help you recover the compensation and money damages you are legally entitled to.

In electric shock and electrocution cases, the stakes are high. Permanent eye damage is just one of the many devastating and lasting consequences of contact with electricity. If your injuries were caused by an electric company or utility company’s negligence or carelessness, this is where having an experienced lawyer who specializes exclusively in this area of the law really makes a difference. An experienced electrocution lawyer can protect you and your family after a devastating injury in ways other lawyers, even other personal injury lawyers, just can’t.  

Not only is an experienced attorney going to know how to maximize the value of your settlement by identifying all of the potential negligent parties and layers of insurance coverage that can add millions of additional dollars to a settlement, but an attorney who specializes in these types of cases is going to know about how to defeat the common defenses and obstruction so common in the defense of electrical injury lawsuits. An electrocution lawyer will also know ways around the “exclusive remedy” rule that may still allow a victim to still recover pain and suffering compensation even if he or she was injured at work and her recovery is otherwise limited or barred by the Workers’ Compensation laws in his or her state by finding other culpable third parties that are also responsible and that other lawyers so often miss.

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Types of eye damage after electric shock

Eye damage after electric shock can include: (1) retinal detachment; (2) retinal disorders such as macular cysts, macular edema, macular hole, retinal pigment epithelial changes, and retinal vascular occlusions; (3) corneal abrasion; (4) injury or damage to the iris, lens; and (5) injury to optic nerve.


Symptoms of eye damage after an electrical accident include: (1) loss of vision; (2) flashes of light; (3) peripheral or side vision gets darker; (4) seeing floating black spots; (5) blurry vision; (6) double vision; (7) difficulty moving your eyes; (8) one eye may move independently of the other; and (9) changes in eye appearance.

Diagnosis and treatment

You should immediately seek medical attention from an ophthalmologist when you have suffered eye damage after an accident with electricity. He or she will conduct an eye exam to test your vision, dilate your pupils and look inside your eye. Diagnostics such as X-rays, MRIs, CT scans and ultrasounds may be ordered.

Can I sue if I suffered eye damage after electric shock?

If a utility company’s or a business’s negligence has caused you to suffer eye damage after an electric shock, then you may be able to file a lawsuit to sue for pain and suffering compensation as well as money damages for your medical bills and lost wages if your injuries disabled you from working again.

What if an electric shock at work caused my eye damage?

You will likely have a Workers’ Comp claim against your employer for payment of your medical expenses and to reimburse you for wages you’ve lost because you can’t return to work due to your injuries. But, you may be barred from suing your employer for pain and suffering, depending on the law in your state.

However, if your eye damage from an electric shock at work was caused by the negligence of a third party – who is not your employer or a co-worker – then you may be able to sue the negligent third party to recover compensation for your pain and suffering.

Get help from an experienced electric shock injury lawyer

If you or someone you love is a victim of serious personal injury or death caused by electricity, you can call and speak with Jeff Feldman, arguably the nation’s most experienced electric shock accident and electrocution attorney. Jeff has litigated electrocution cases and electric shock injury cases in multiple states for families whose loved ones were injured after electrical accidents that were caused by faulty consumer products, negligence in the building and construction industry, downed or low-hanging overhead power cables, and defective or poorly maintained pool equipment. Jeff also consults with injury lawyers throughout the country on electrical accident injury and wrongful death cases involving electricity. You can call Jeff toll free at (947) 282-4269 for a free consultation.

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