Back Pain After Electric Shock: Can I Sue?

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Back Pain After Electric Shock: Can I Sue?

Back pain after an electric shock may be a sign that you have suffered a spinal cord injury. You should immediately seek medical attention. Depending on the laws of your state and depending on how you suffered an electric shock injury, you may also be able to sue the responsible party for your injuries.

Most people do not consider back pain as a possible consequence of an electrical accident. But back pain can happen, and when it does it must be taken seriously. Back pain can often be a sign or symptom of a much more serious injury. If you or a loved one is suffering back pain after an electrical shock accident, you should seek immediate medical care. You should also consider scheduling a free consultation with an experienced electrocution lawyer. An attorney who specializes in shock injury and electrocution cases can help you and your family protect your legal rights, secure the medical care you need to heal and rebuild your life, and help you recover the best settlement possible in your case against the parties responsible for your back pain and other injuries.

An electrical shock injury is very different from other types of personal injury cases. An electrocution lawyer who specializes in cases involving electric shock and other types of electrical trauma is very different from other types of personal injury lawyers. An electrocution lawyer has the knowledge and experience to help you by first identifying all of the responsible parties that other types of personal injury lawyers often will miss. A lawyer experienced in these types of cases can also help identify the experts necessary to show who is responsible, as well as all of the layers of insurance coverage that may be available to you so you can receive the fullest, fairest settlement.

Back pain after electric shock as symptom of a spinal cord injury

Back pain can be a sign or symptom that a person has suffered a spinal cord injury. And although back pain is not very common after an electric shock, there is a substantial body of medical literature that has documented that an accident with electricity can cause a very serious spinal cord injury, including immediate or delayed myelopathy which involves compression of the spinal cord.

It is important to remember that this electrical injury can be very serious, resulting in permanent pain and permanent disability.

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic testing that your doctor may have you undergo to determine whether your back pain is caused by an underlying spinal cord injury includes: (1) X-rays; (2) CT scans (computerized tomography); (3) MRI (magnetic resonance imaging); and/or (4) EMG (electromyography).


Treatment for back pain after electric shock may include: (1) physical therapy; (2) pain medication; (3) rehabilitation therapy; (4) short-term bracing for your neck or back; (5) steroid injections to relieve pain; and (6) surgery.

The treatment options that your doctor will recommend will depend on the nature and severity of your injury, your symptoms and your past and present health and physical condition.

Can I sue for back pain after an electric shock?

You may be able to sue for back pain after an electric shock. If the electrical shock accident did not occur to you while you were on the job at work, you would file an electric shock lawsuit against the negligent party responsible for your injuries. Your legal recovery will include pain and suffering compensation and other economic loss damages including medical bills, lost earnings, lost future earnings, and other needs including attendant care and replacement services lost due to your electrical injury.

Can I sue for back pain after an electric shock at work?

If your back pain after an electric shock was caused by an accident at work, then you may have a claim for Workers Compensation benefits against your employer. Some states have a Workers’ Comp law that has an “exclusive remedies” provision, but lawyers unfamiliar with electrocution and shock injury cases often mistake this law to include other potential responsible parties. Many states also have important exceptions that may or may not allow you to sue a negligent employer or other negligent co-workers.

However, if the electrical shock accident that caused your back pain and other injuries was caused by a third-party’s negligence (i.e., the negligent act of someone other than your employer or a co-worker), then you will still be able to file a negligence lawsuit for pain and suffering compensation against the at-fault third-party.

It is important to talk to an experienced electrocution lawyer because many general practice personal injury lawyers do not know about the third-party exception to the “exclusive remedies” rule for electrical shock accidents that occur at work and they may mistakenly reject your otherwise serious and legitimate case.

Financial compensation for back pain after electric shock

There is no computer formula for appropriate legal and financial compensation if you suffer back pain after electric shock or other injuries from an electrical accident. However, an experienced electrocution lawyer will assess several factors in determining how to evaluate a full and fair settlement. In addition to analyzing the liability of the event that caused your electrical injuries, these will include: (1) the nature and extent of your injuries; (2) what your medical needs are now and what they will be in the future as you recover from your injuries; (3) your pain and suffering and the economic losses you are entitled to recover for; and (4) the experience and track record of your lawyer.

A known electrocution lawyer who has an established track record of success can very often settle cases considerably faster and for more money than other types of personal injury lawyers who do not have the same experience. The power and utility companies know who the handful of electrocution attorneys are in the country today who truly understand this area of law and who know the right experts to prove wrongdoing and document a case correctly for trial.

The opposite is unfortunately also true. If you hire a lawyer who is unfamiliar with the extremely sophisticated and complex area of electrocution law, the power and utility companies are known to take a more “scorched Earth” defense and to be far more difficult in settlement negotiations and legal discovery. Unfortunately, many ordinary injury lawyers get in over their heads with electric shock injury cases and they often settle short or even buckle from this “scorched Earth” defense from the utility company lawyers who believe they make these cases so expensive that they can exhaust a lawyer.

As a recent example, earlier this year a jury awarded $2 million dollars on one of Jeff Feldman’s electrocution cases. What makes this case notable is that the family had previously hired another lawyer, but this lawyer was not familiar with the costs and complexities of these types of cases. The former lawyer eventually withdrew, writing a letter to the family that the case had become too expensive and complex and asking the family to find another lawyer to represent them in their action against the responsible company. Fortunately, the family hired Jeff and the responsible company was forced to pay.

Get help from an experienced electric shock injury lawyer

If you or someone you love has suffered back pain after an electric shock accident or have been a victim of serious personal injury or death caused by electricity, you can call and speak with Jeff Feldman, arguably the nation’s most experienced electric shock accident and electrocution attorney. Jeff has litigated electrocution cases and electric shock injury cases in multiple states for families whose loved ones were injured after an electrical accident that was caused by faulty consumer products, negligence in the building and construction industry, downed or low-hanging overhead power cables, and defective or poorly maintained pool equipment. Jeff also consults with injury lawyers throughout the country on electrical accident injury and wrongful death cases involving electricity. You can call Jeff toll free at (947) 282-4269 for a free consultation.

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